We’ve been producing Ignite for 12 years now, bringing people together, sharing ideas and passions and we love it as much as you our audience do. It such a great way to hear a variety of people talking about their passions and projects.

Way back when we started we also ran Social Media Café Liverpool which was awesome. You can find some of it’s digital footprint here https://socialmediacafeliverpool.wordpress.com/  The great thing about Social Media café (SMC) was that it gave us the opportunity to pick themes, ask for speakers and then for them all to come together present on their subject area then for the audience to question them and discuss their work or hypothesis. So when we were asked to create an event for Liverpool Makefest (https://liverpoolmakefest.org/) we looked at the model for SMC and implemented that in 2018, 2019, 2022. And we love doing these.

Hence, the Ignite Lounge Lounge. In 2023 we are going to be producing our regular number of Ignites, four at Leaf Cafe following our standard format plus an Ignite Liverpool Futures at Liverpool Makefest but on top of this we are going to create some smaller events more theme based. We’ve already had some great feedback and suggestions on The Ignite Lounge and are starting to put some subject areas together that we should be covering, including Quantum Computing and What science fiction can tell us about our futures.   

What we want you to do.
No 1. Suggest a talk field/area you would like to hear about via the form
No 2. Suggest yourself as an expert in a particular field.

We’ll collate these and curate an event from these.