Ignite at Makefest Liverpool 

What might life be like in 2054?

Ignite Futures Cozy Conference

At Liverpool Makefest we’re holding at cozy conference where speakers are invited to submit talks that look to the future and what it might hold for us.

We are all living in the future now. 


Central Library, William Brown Street, Liverpool, L3 

Throughout the year …..

….it’s only just January now – I will be posting content here to help me and our speakers formulate ideas as to what they could talk about during this session.
You can see the talks from last year above along with the Q&A session – it’s always more interesting when you get the public involved, I think. Well we are an Open Space event so I suppose I would say that.

However, one of my first articles to post a link to this year, is this one from the BBC “The neglected clean heat we flush down the drains” A fascinating look at how we could be using sewage differently and how it could be heating our homes.

Will our spirituality be nurtured by Robot Priests in the future. Well maybe according to a recent article.


I am hoping that by the time we really start looking for speakers for this session that this page will be full of such links. If not then you can always use the copy below as a starting point.



What does the future hold – Your vision for 2054

We are looking for talks on what life might be like in 30 years time so to help you along the way here are some questions

This event is will be taking place in a Library, so I wonder what they might be like in 2054. If we look back 30 years to 1994 we wouldn’t recognise Libraries of today.

Do we still visit libraries to take out books or are we merely going for the social aspects of working and using a space alongside other humans. Will we be able to access library books via VR headsets (Can we do that now?) If a library has no books as they are all scanned and available for viewing via our VR headset or available to watch on our implanted heads up displays does a library then become a museum purely to books.

If we’re travelling to the library – how do we get there, do we still use electric cars and buses calling one to our door via our implanted heads-up display. As our car travels to the city centre what does it travel through, are there tunnels or over-head roads or do we still use our existing roads network, are there pedestrians along the way, are they visiting stores or on their way to parks. Do we pass by a zillion autonomous robots delivering our food supplies?  As we head towards the city centre, what is the architecture like, is it much like today except a little more shiny and gleaming, have all older houses now gone, have schools and colleges become a thing of the past with everyone is using remote learning. Have hospitals expanded to cover older peoples care on their grounds where the older generations all live together with discos on a Monday night playing 1980’s discos music. Or has medicine been expanded so now there is no one who is frail, they stride through the streets using musclebound exoskeletons, or have they been recycled for food of the masses?

Do we even still have city centres, are they in slow decline as we have all started to work remotely. Are there any shops and stores or is it all bars, clubs and stylized themed experiences? Welcome to Beatles Land……. Does this greet tourists on the Hyperloop as they enter the city?

Or is Liverpool under water as the sea levels rise and the few who remain take to boats to visit their friends in neighbouring towers, getting stores and supplies from the mainland.

Who makes decisions for us? Do we vote every morning on the questions of the day posed to the nation or do we no longer have those rights, have they been taken from us by a sentient AI who guides the human race?

Hopefully this has sparked your imagination to talk about one of the following or if not then please make up your own. 

  • Transportation and transportation systems

  • Medicine and Longevity

  • Architecture and the City

  • Society and Governance

  • The Environment and sustainability

  •  Work and local economics


Submissions are open to people of all ages.

Watch the video from 2023 below.

Liverpool Makefest



The whys and wherefores for Ignite Futures…

We’ll be adding more information here for speakers and the audience at this event as time goes by.


Ignite Futures… will take place between 10am and 4pm on Saturday 6th July at Liverpool Makefest


As we get closer to the day then we will produce a timetable for the themed sessions.

Each session should take approximately 30 minutes.


These will follow the Ignite format of being 5 minutes long using exactly 20 slides.

Getting cover for your stand?

If you have a stall at Makefest then we will be able to arrange cover for it while you are attending.