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We are passionate about encouraging people to stand up and be passionate about a subject close to their heart.  Being an Ignite speaker  is like being a Rock Star for 5 Minutes and we want to give everyone that opportunity and you can help us do just that.


So why sponsor Ignite LIverpool

• Excellent publicity for your company or organization.
• Connect your company or organization with the community in a light and fun environment.
• Show your commitment to Liverpool and community events.

Ignite Liverpool is a grassroots organisation – no one takes a payment for the work that they do but we still need to pay to hire venues or other expenses.  There are a variety of ways that you could sponsor Ignite Liverpool be that in a small way or in a large way.

Sponsorship Categories:

Flame – £500 cash donation per annum


Ember – £250 cash donation per annum
Spark – £100 cash donation per annum

Or be a Partner by donating goods or services valued at £500 or greater per annum
You’ll be a Supporter for all other donations

Download a sponsorship form to find out more 

First Drink
Why not put some money behind the bar so that we can give everyone at least one free drink when they arrive.

Prizes for the night
We want to be able to sell raffle tickets for prizes,  so we need we would love sponsors to donate prizes and we will gladly have their names on screen when the draw is announced. If you are interested in sponsoring Ignite Liverpool then please get in touch with “admin at”

Support us via Patreon
You don’t have to sponsor us with a bagful of cash. By supporting us through Patreon you can sponsor us for as little as $5, that’s about the same price as a pint of beer; or as much as $500 that’s about the price of one awesome event called Ignite.
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At Ignite Liverpool we create an awesome event every three months. To be awesome takes hard work, a team of highly skilled volunteers and a group of willing speakers. It also takes about £300 to pay the venue, the sound guy and the video guy and a few incidentals along the way.

By pledging it ensures that the next Ignite can take place. What’s so important about that you might think. Well Ignite truly is one of those rare events where people that work in different fields, who have different interests come together and get the opportunity to enjoy a series of talks and meet new people.

Meet our Supporters

Paul Freeman

Mark Holmes

Something just beyond the edge of perception …

Christopher Brown

The Night Gallery Podcast, Video Nasties Podcast, A History Of Horror Podcast. Video Nasties Moment book. Cheap Thrills horror film night at @smallcinemalpl

Emma McClure

Trainee Solicitor in prison law/mental health and appeals. Tweet about my dual passions; critical thinking and justice.

Mandy Phillips

Love people, purpose, passion, webs, tech, gadgets, travel and glamping.

Pauline Cox

Boss mum. Happy, cheeky, chirpy, marvellous, good at everything, bothered by nothing. Crank magnet.
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