Speaker Resources

The one stop shop to help you make a perfect Ignite presentation.

Welcome to the speaker resources page

They say that the secret of great British comedy is …….. Timing, well it is also true of a great Ignite Talk.

The best talks are the ones where there is an image on the screen and you talk over it. Don’t go for lots of text as there won’t be the time to read it.

Presentation Deadline This  is normally a week before the event, so we can check the content for any overt advertising, plus we will need to set up the timings correctly on your presentation. Long gone are the days of someone manually moving your presentation forward with a stop watch in hand (see early ignite videos).

If you have any trouble meeting the deadline that we have mentioned in an email to you then let us know as we are very flexible. 

For background material please check out this website where you will find a great selection of videos from previous Ignite Liverpool sessions, these will give you a guide as to the best way to deliver your presentation.


You can download a copy of the powerpoint template for your ignite presentation right here although you don’t have to use it anymore but it may help as it has four sample slides.

Remember: No Video is allowed and please no pitching for work.

Remember: You are allowed 20 slides. That means you get four slides per minute in your five minutes presentation.

We will set the timing on the presentation once it is returned to us.

You can either email it back to us or upload it to Dropbox and send us a link. You can even drag your presentation to the bottom corner of this page and it will send us the file.

If you have any questions then do get in touch – we really want this to be a pleasant experience for you.