We’re really pleased to announce that we will be at Liverpool Makefest this year – It’s not that we haven’t been in years gone by it’s just that Ignite Liverpool hasn’t had an official stall and all that.

If you’ve never heard of it then where have you been? You need to get out more and luckily you’ll be able to as Makefest is coming up in late June at Liverpool Central Library.

OK here’s a bit of background;

  • Liverpool MakeFest, the north-west’s biggest Maker event
  • It started in 2015
  • Makers from all across the country come along to demonstrate their wares
  • It takes place annually at Liverpool Central Library
  • It’s attended by thousands of people both young and old
  • It’s FREE to attend



Liverpool Makefest takes place on the 24th June from 10am till 5pm

Find out more :- https://lpoolmakefest.org/

Can you tell a good story?

Ignite only happens because of people who are willing to get up and share their passions, be it for a project, an idea or just something they have to tell the world.