Hey there, we all know how great Ignite is don’t we. A relaxing evening where people talk about strange and wonderful things, share their passions, their inspirations, sometimes even what annoys them about life. It’s what makes Ignite so universally loved by all who come along.

We’re told by many of you that you love the opportunity Ignite gives you to meet new and interesting people in a relaxing environment – your never short of something to talk to strangers about when your at Ignite.. be that your favourite talk of late or the one about the guy who did his presentation in 1980’s songs, or the strange Canadian women  who winged a presentation about Canada the one where the slide was missing and showed just a blank screen for 15 seconds “And this is Canada in the summer time” she said referring to the large amounts of snow Canada gets.

We all have story’s about Ignite and that’s what we create. Classic stories and an opportunity to have a good time…. that kind of experience is priceless, well maybe not priceless but it goes along way there. As you’d expect the organisers of Ignite love making it happen. Hell we appreciate the best talks as well as everyone else although maybe we don’t get the same chance to chat to everybody during the breaks.

“That’s great.” I hear you say. “So why are you telling us?”

So imagine it’s the end of the night and one of the organisers comes over to the bar where you are waiting to be served. You say “Hi great night”….. What do you say next? You’re at the bar, so you say what anyone would say “Do you fancy a drink?

Now we couldn’t accept all the drinks that we’ve been offered nor could we, we’ve got work to do but what we’d really like you to do is to offer us a drink right now. Go on ask us what we want. Mines normally a pint of Bitter or a Coke.

BUT STOP we don’t want your drinks but what we do what is you to take the money you’d spend on a drink and help us make the next Ignite happen.

You see, we’ve started a Patreon account which allows us to collect from Patrons such as yourselves and we want you to take the price of a pint, just a bit more than the price of a coffee and we want you to give us that money. OK. You get it we’re asking you for money but let me tell you why.

So to make Ignite happen it costs money. Not a lot of money but it costs. We have to pay to get thing done professionally or as professionally as we can afford. So there is the Sound guy, the Video guy (we know the speakers really appreciate his work), the printing and other paraphernalia that we need to make Ignite happen. It all comes to about £300 per Ignite.  And well, we just don’t have the money to pay out to make it happen all the time.

So we need you to buy us a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, and we’ve made this simple for you as Patreon allows you to contribute easily. Patreon allows people like you to support those artists, musicians and events they love and whose work they love.

So go on buy us a beer and show us how much you truly love Ignite.


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