So can you describe what you see

Can you describe to me what you see here please?

A brainy session for our next Ignite. No really!!

Continuing our series of swift, exciting and open submission Ignite Talks we’re pleased to announce our Line up of speakers for Ignite 15.

It’s all come as a bit of a surprise to us as we don’t theme Ignite events but we have lots of talks on brains, what our brains do, what we can do to our brains and what our brains make us do.  Yep, perceptions, dyslexia, processes – well lots of brain orientated talks.

And just in case neuroscience isn’t your thing then we have a talks on Nigel Farage, The second World War plus Business FinanceFind out more about the speakers and the talks below.

As normal the Doors Open at 6pm, with talks starting at 6.45pm and we should be wrapped up for informal networking (chatting at the bar) by 9pm

Ian Wilson – The changing face of Science 
How the public’s perception of science has changed over time and how it should progress in the future.

Jenny Radcliffe  – Your face can’t lie – how our facial expressions reveal our emotions.
I’m an expert in non-verbal communications and deception work for police, military and corporates. I’ve never met anyone who isn’t interested in “body language” and this focuses on the proven science of facial expressions and the emotions they reveal.

Neil K. Sheridan  – Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
A look at how it’s thought to work and whether it really does enhance normal cognitive performance.

Pauline Moran – Dyslexia’s link to Right Brain Dominance and entrepreneurism – why is it not facilitated in education?
Dyslexia is a diff(erent)ability, not a disability. It is a diffability which is disabled by the current education system and it’s time for change.

Paul Hopwood  – It’s just Common Sense, Right?

Common Sense is something that people all over the world use every day of their lives, usually unquestioningly. There are only two problems with this – Firstly, Common Sense is not actually that common; and secondly, it doesn’t make that much sense! I will endeavour to explain why this is and hopefully have the audience promising themselves that they will use Common Sense as little as possible!

Tom Williamson  – The Second World War in Five Minutes

Sean McHugh – Help Stamp Out Economics

Kathryn Ford  – Why Sir Mix-a-Lot likes big butts.
An evolutionary analysis of (some of) the lyrics to “Baby Got Back”

Tommy Graham – Nigel Farage – It’s all just nonsense

Graeme Lamb – Microfinancing in the developing world. 

INTERESTED? Well we still have tickets for Thursday’s event; find them on Eventbrite.

We’re already planning our next event in November so if you want to talk at the next one – then let us know

We do have to admit that we have done so many of these now that we have gotten a little confused about how many we’ve really done!!! So yes this is number 15 we think.

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