Ignite Liverpool poster created by @anagoge

Ignite Liverpool poster created by @anagoge

Ok so you created a poster using your limited design skills and word, you distribute it (send it out via twitter). The next thing you know a fantastic  local designer has created a brand new poster for you.

<———- That’s the little image just there bigger one available via link below

So a BIG thank you to Neil Martin aka @anagoge who describes himself as a “Graphic designer based in Liverpool specialising in fantastic identities and print design.”  So go see his work at http://www.theworkof.co.uk/ and let him pitch for your work.

Personally I love the Neilz Brain tin of Beans design as we share the same first name.

DOWNLOAD the big poster here http://i.imgur.com/tI3nx.jpg Right Click and Save as.

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