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Here is the line up of speakers for the next event on 15th September at Leaf on Bold Street.

Susan Jackson – “How listening can change your life”

Listening to others is a skill. With simple suggestions for change and practice you can not only improve how you interact with others but learn a lot about yourself in the process! Listening skills will help every aspect of your life. It will help to promote being in the moment as well as a connection to those around you.

Neil Winterburn – “Floating Flunstellas”
Flunstellas are flocks, clusters and constellations of ideas that float around social spaces.  Neil Winterburn will show examples of different peoples responses to the questions raised by Flunstellas, such as…

  • What do our ideas, memories and emotions look like?
  • What do they sound like?
  • How do they move?

The audience will be guided through a short meditation activity and be asked to imagine what it would be like if they could see other peoples thoughts all around us.  Neil Winterburn is an Artist, Co-ordinator of the Flunstellas project and a Co-Director of Re-Dock. www.flunstellas.org

Lydia Bates – “Humpty’s Handbook: An introduction to (some) words and their meanings”
A very brief introduction to the worlds of etymology, linguistics and semantics – looking at where words come from and how they change over time.

Hakim Cassimally –  “Running for beginners: a 5 minute personal training session”
When Hakim started jogging in October 2010, he couldn’t “run a mile”. He followed the aptly named “C25K” program (Couch to 5 kilometres), and somehow found himself signing up for the Liverpool Half Marathon in Spring. Apparently that didn’t put him off, and he’ll soon be running another, the Great North Run, in September 2011, to help raise money for Beating Bowl Cancer.

Ross Dalziel – “Unclouding your data”
A talk by Ross Dalziel about the physical location of information using Aram Bartholl’s DeadDrops project http://deaddrops.com Ross is the project co-ordinator and will be talking more about it at the A.N.D. festival in Liverpool next month.

Barry Kushner  “The Economy: The Untold Story”
Why is it when our debt is lower than it has been in 200 of the last 250 years, our borowing is cheaper than during Thatcher, when unemployment and a decrease in taxation has caused the deficit, are we told that the cuts are necessary and the only option? This talk challenges the misleading information about our economy in crisis that has become the single overwhelming narrative. This talk has done a tour of public meetings, Nerve magazine event, Adult Learners week, trade union conferences and seminars, Labour group meetings, and commended by the New Economics Foundation, senior politicians and trade unionists as a clear, simple explanation of our economy.

Phil Moneypenny – Fortitudine Vincimus – “by endurance we conquer.”
A brief talk about the Past, Present and Future conditions of living and working in Antarctica.

Tom Williamson – What the flags of the UK tell us about our country
Flags are far more than splashes of colour on a piece of cloth. They represent the history and culture of the people that fly them. In this talk, Tom will explain how the flags of the UK came into being, with stories that involve war, conquest, power, dead saints and dragons!

Maria Barrett – “Blogging Theakstons Crime”

Alistair Houghton – Cathedral Hopping

We are still waiting for more information from the following presenters

Sam Tawil from Bold Street Coffee, a veteran Igniter Richard Smedley and the Liverpool Biennial’s Antony Pickthall.

Remember the doors (or in our case curtains) open at 6pm with talks starting at 6.45pm.

It would be great to see you there.

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