A quick running order from last nights Ignite

Mike Nolan – Scouting for boys and girls

Leo Appleton: There ain’t nothing like a dame; or, He’s behind you: the role of the dame in British pantomime
A whistle stop tour introducing you to some of the key concepts and gimmicks of contemporary British pantomime. Through identifying with the role of the pantomime dame in such productions I will try to explain some of the eccentricities of this quintessentially British seasonal phenomenon!

Colin Davis – 50 years of design of the kitchen

Rachel Gardner – Independent for Lent
For 2 years I’ve run a blog project called Independent for Lent, where we gave up shopping at chain stores for 40 days.  Not for religious reasons, but more as a personal challenge to make us examine where we choose to spend our money.  So I’d like to talk about the blog, what led up to starting it, and then a bit about independent retail in Liverpool.

Dominic Jones – Doing a Grand Design for a grand

Part 2.

Nathan Ryder – Ideas and Ideas and Ideas and Hats

Robin Brown – What’s in a name

Peter Goodbody – Festival au Desert
A brief tour around the history of, and our trip to, the most inaccessible music festival in the world – Festival au Desert in Mali.  Think of going to Timbuktu.  And then some.

Rosie  Harris –  www.nanowrimo.org

Alistair Houghton – The often overlooked attractions of Hull
Patrick Stuart – The use of Power Point by the US Military
The War Against Powerpoint’ is about a cultural conflict inside the US millitary, the way technology shapes thought, and about how large oraganisations react to stress.

Hakim Cassimally – Writing speculative fiction for the impatient
Mid-way through a short course in writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, which  covers many elements of world-building, from science, research, history, technology, politics, as well as learning about genres and the art of story-telling.  It’s also lots of fun.