When the onion and the tea bag met the spanner…. Maggie Pearson

When the onion and the tea bag met the spanner…. Plants contains pigments which print beautifully on natural fibres and paper when coaxed with heat, water and vinegar and/or combinations of onion skins or tea bags and iron objects such as the odd spanner or two. Maggie Pearson will canter through her ecoprinting journey of discovery of how tannins in the humble onion skin or tea bag, when interacting with iron, can produce stunning botanicals prints. And all with leaves from the City of Liverpool…

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Plastics – Pat Link

Plastics – Pat Link

Plastics - Pat LinkAs part of our Future Sessions at Liverpool Makefest on 29th June 2019, we asked people to respond to a number of themes. Here Pat responded under the theme - Sustainability and the City. Ignite only happens because of people...

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