Recording of the Live Stream from Ignite Liverpool on 4th November. Your Master of Ceremonies or plain old compere is Adrian McEwen.

This is a list of the talks below, although they are not strictly in this order and there is a 20 Minute break in the middle.

Jules Howard – Why do we all have to die?

Caron Lyon – My Analogue life in a Digital World.

Steve Flatt – Thinking about thinking.

Christopher Brown – Dinosaurs are bullshit

Jamie Roberts – Everything (physically possible) is a skill

Tom Williamson – Flags of Love and Hate

Sarah Jones – Women and Motorsport- will we see an woman enter in F1?

Alison Little – On being a contemporary artist in the North West

Lisa Hoyle – Why religion is (can be) a good thing


Can you tell a good story?

Ignite only happens because of people who are willing to get up and share their passions, be it for a project, an idea or just something they have to tell the world.