An Ignite regular Tom Williamson is seeking to raise funds for the Liverpool Women’s Hospital in a Karaoke style.

In the past we have seen some strange things at Ignite, we’ll never forget the Alex Nursall’s impromptu talk on Canada, where we gave her random slides unrelated to Canada and she made her talk up on the spur of the moment. Well, now we are going to be giving Tom Williamson of the Flag for Liverpool fame a challenge. We’ll be creating an exam board special to test if he really knows his flags.

 Here is Tom talking about why he feels Liverpool needs a new flag.

The Challenge
We’re designing a presentation for Tom consisting of 4 flags per slide that is 80 flags in total and it’s his job to identify them in just 5 mins. How far off the world record is that we asked ourselves! well we have no idea, but what we do know that it is going to be a tough challenge. But it is one flag every 3.75 seconds!

He really knows his flags so we are in for a real challenge!!

Tom’s daughter beautiful Rosalind was born prematurely at Liverpool Women’s Hospital via C section earlier this year and he is looking to raise £500 as a thank you to them.


Tom has set up a Just Giving page for this challenge and we would love it if you could visit and contribute to the challenge.

Come and see Tom live as he faces his challenge by booking tickets here and see you on the 15th July.


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