What links Elvis Presley and Ignite Liverpool? You might think it’s a fondness for burgers and rhinestone jumpsuits, but in fact the answer is January 8th.

January 8th is not only Elvis’ 80th birthday, but it’s also the date of the next Ignite Liverpool.  So doncha think it’s time to sign up as a speaker? Of course you do!

Ignite talks are only 5 minutes long, which means there’s a little less conversation than many public speaking events. We also have one of the friendliest, most supportive audiences around, so by the end of your talk you’ll be feeling like the king of the whole wide world.

We don’t care if you’re a hard headed woman or a big hunk o’ love, if there’s something that you’re passionate about, we want you, we need you and we’d love you to come along and share your passion. It doesn’t matter what it is*, it could be anything that’s part of you.

So, how can you get involved? Well that’s such an easy question, you just fill in the submission form.

Ignore those suspicious minds that say only fools rush in, and get yourself signed up, it’s now or never**

*Within reason, check out our speakers FAQ for more details. Oh and for Ignite 20 we’re giving extra credit to speakers who squeeze an Elvis reference into their talk somewhere.

**or at least until the next ignite