If your thinking of presenting at Ignite Liverpool but are a bit uncertain about using PowerPoint then we have heard about some free webinars that we thought we should tell you about coming up next month.

PowerPoint Master Classes
Visualisation – ditch the bullet points and create compelling slides – 9 August, 4pm (UK)
Graphs and Charts– how best to display data with PowerPoint – 16 August, 4pm (UK)
Animation – capture attention and enhance your message with dynamic slides – 23 August, 4pm (UK)

Presentation Skills Master Classes
How to Be a Better Presenter – why presentation skills training doesn’t work and what to do instead – 8 August, 1pm (UK)
Interactive Presenting– tools and tips for delivering interactive non-linear presentations  –15 August, 1pm (UK)
Presenting Online – how to deliver webinars and online sales presentations – 22 August, 1pm (UK)

Book online for one or all of the sessions, or forward this email to others in your team who might find these sessions useful. The sessions are aimed at those who create or deliver PowerPoint presentations.”

Sounds perfect. :-)

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