So what do Cat Deaths, the discovery of Potatoes and the cost of beer have in common – Yes you guessed it they are just three of the talks that are coming up at the Next Ignite Liverpool.

The 1st December will once again see an eclectic mix of people take to the Ignite Stage to be in the spotlight for five minutes, talking on subjects of their choice – subjects that will, confuse, inspire and make you marvel at the sometimes strange passions of ordinary folk.

John Crump –  ‘Why beer costs so much in pubs’
The talk is an attempt to explain the legislative and commercial interests that have increasingly distorted the price ratio between beer purchased in shops against beer bought in pubs.

Dave Coveney – “If Potatoes Were Discovered in 2005”
If potatoes were discovered recently, they’d be an interesting novelty. How would the world react? Would social media and the web have an effect on their popularity? Is today’s culture ready for the potato?

Garry Haywood – “It’s only a cat”
Suffocating cats, local authority borders, riots and design statements. Wheelie bins are more than a receptacle for our waste, they are offer an insight into our modern age.
Twitter: @_garrilla

Sunil Emjay
Sunil likes Whisky, Noir and sarcasm. Not in any particular order. However, he’ll talk about Obsessions, Compulsions, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, yes, Obsessions, Compulsions, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, yes, Obsessions, Compulsions, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, yes, Obsessions, Compulsions, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In that order. He says he is still not happy with the blurb.
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Julian Todd – “Kayak diving in the UK”
Invented in California and New Zealand, the sport of kayak diving (scuba diving in the sea off the back of a canoe) is rarely seen in the British Isles.  I bought my dive kayaks in 2002 and have been out all round England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, silently gliding past noisy parties of normal divers with their big hulking RIBs with engines that scare all the fish away and are too big to poke around in sea caves.

Geraint Parry ’10 reasons why you NEED a Plant Scientist’
Nearly every Biology Student wants to cure Cancer! However what good will THAT be in 100 years when half the world is starving because we haven’t made provisions to adapt to the coming climatic changes. Most of the world relies on plant material for food so as the climate rapidly changes we will more than ever need to understand how plants can be utilized and altered to feed as many people as possible. My aim is to run through 10 very quick reasons why and how Plant Science is making a difference and why you should care!
Twitter: @liverpoolplants
Facebook Group:

Liam Craddock – ‘Bellringing’
English style change ringing has been a traditional part of life in this country for over 500 years. Unique to the UK and it’s old colonies, change ringing is not, as you may think a physically demanding activity, but a mental challenge. The talk will cover the main facts and principles of change ringing with a detailed look at “methods” – the patterns we ring and why we ring them.

Tom Williamson – ATP: Nature’s unsung hero
Sugar, starch, fat: everyone knows that we get energy from these substances, but not so many people realise how. In this talk, I will give a short introduction to ATP. Known as the ‘universal energy carrier’, this small molecule plays a fundamental role throughout life, and I believe that understanding it is one of the keys to understanding biochemistry.


Lydia Bates           – “Open Space – to Unconferencing and Beyond”
How a 30 year old technique might just be the *next big thing* and how it might just change the way you do research, organise events, or make decisions – forever.


Lee McIvor – “The lies your brain tells you”

John Quirk – ‘Kite Aerial Photography’

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