Festival au Desert - Peter Goodbody

We have such a fantastic line up of speakers for this quarters Ignite that we have had to arrange for the doors to be opened at 5pm so everyone can get a drink before the presentations officially start at 6pm.    Register for Book your tickets now for Ignite 4 in Liverpool, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

So to the speakers ….

Rachel Gardner – Independent for Lent
For 2 years I’ve run a blog project called Independent for Lent, where we gave up shopping at chain stores for 40 days.  Not for religious reasons, but more as a personal challenge to make us examine where we choose to spend our money.  So I’d like to talk about the blog, what led up to starting it, and then a bit about independent retail in Liverpool.

Hakim Cassimally – Writing speculative fiction for the impatient

Mid-way through a short course in writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, which  covers many elements of world-building, from science, research, history, technology, politics, as well as learning about genres and the art of story-telling.  It’s also lots of fun.

Peter Goodbody – Festival au Desert
A brief tour around the history of, and our trip to, the most inaccessible music festival in the world – Festival au Desert in Mali.  Think of going to Timbuktu.  And then some.

Rosie  Harris –  Haunted Dolls

You can buy pretty much anything on ebay, including dolls that are possessed by the spirits of dead children. This presentation will provide a quick look into the popular world of haunted dolls, including how you tell your doll is haunted, what you can expect your haunted doll to bring into your life and tips on purchasing.
A must see presentation for all people interested in keeping their own haunted doll.

Nathan Ryder – Ideas and Ideas and Ideas and Hats
The world needs ideas for everything: but very often when we’re asked for a new idea for something we just think of only one – a mundane, sensible one – and that’s rubbish! The answer is to have lots of ideas, but how do we get them? And what do we do when we have them?

Patrick Stuart – The use of Power Point by the US Military
The War Against Powerpoint’ is about a cultural conflict inside the US millitary, the way technology shapes thought, and about how large oraganisations react to stress.

Leo AppletonThere ain’t nothing like a dame; or, He’s behind you: the role of the dame in British pantomime
A whistle stop tour introducing you to some of the key concepts and gimmicks of contemporary British pantomime. Through identifying with the role of the pantomime dame in such productions I will try to explain some of the eccentricities of this quintessentially British seasonal phenomenon!

Dominic Jones – Doing a Grand Design for a grand
We are still awaiting a little bit more detail from the speakers below.
Robin Brown – What’s in a name
Alistair Houghton – Hull
Colin Davis
Mike Nolan
Kay Featherstone
Harriet Hobday

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