The dates have been announced for Global Ignite week and Ignite Liverpool are going to plan a Liverpool Ignite event to coincide with it. Last year Global Ignite week saw Ignites taking place across the world, one which included Liverpool’s first Ignite at the Liverpool Art and Design Academy. (those were the days)

O’Reilly have called for as many Ignites as possible occur during a single week, but appreciate it will be a challenge to top the 65+ Ignites on 6 continents. Phew.

The dates that they are aiming for are February 7-11, 2011. So we have 6 months to plan. And these dates  miss a slew of big tech conferences and gets us going before conference season starts.

O’Reilly are going to try to get sponsorship for the global event, so maybe we should have a think about getting local sponsorship. They are hoping that they will be able to spread the love of the global sponsorship so that local events receive some funds, they do admit this would be a logistical nightmare however they’ve have suggested they might be able to send equipment, books or to donate to charity – this does seem seem more feasible.

If your interested in getting involved in Global Ignite week or just in our normal Ignite events then join up to the Liverpool based How Why DIY network and start contributing.

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