batman and joker

Why did you fail again Joker?

From Batman to blogging, from being cheeky to house renovation just some of the areas that Ignite Speakers will be covering on 5th August at Ignite 3.

So expect an exciting and challenging evening as you try to take in the illusionary concept that is Money, we ponder why culture needs jamming and we answer the question that has baffled generations of scientists – why didn’t the Joker ever manage to off Batman.

Alex Nolan – Unmasking Batman: A Systems Failures Approach

Ever secretly wished that the Joker had managed to wipe the grin off Adam West’s face? Or been baffled by how the dynamic duo always seemed to escape in the nick of time? I’ll be using a formal strategic method to look at why the villains from the ’60s TV show about everyone’s favourite caped crusader failed to achieve their true potential, and what lessons can be learned for anyone wishing to follow in their footstep

Richard Smedley – Money: an expensive illusion

Money doesn’t grow on trees – but nor is it created by governments. Money is conjured by banks, with a sleight-of-hand trick that is far from subtle, and seldom discussed. Where has the massive productivity increase of the last generation led us? Increased leisure hours – or wealthier banks? Add it up over 20 slides at Ignite Liverpool 3.

Deena Denaro – Culture Jamming and the Art of the Subvertisement

Everything you wanted to know about culture jamming and subvertisements are using examples on the field, culminating with my own Nokia Subvertisement and Video Tags.

Nick Owen – What is a job? Meeting the top and bottom lines of arts education through social enterprise and new ways of working

How Aspire Trust has developed novel ways of providing arts practice and employment opportunities.

Mandy Philips – The lost art of being cheeky

From a young age we are assured that being cheeky is not a positive trait. Find out why cheekiness is a good thing, and why we should all do it more often.

Jon Bloor – Social Media & The Law: a history in 20 slides

A canter through how the law is adapting (or not) to the issues posed by the rapid rise of social media!

David Bartlett – How to renovate a house and survive

A talk about DIY and why everyone can do it

Christina McDermott – ‘Food Bloggers’

I’ll be discussing food blogging, namely how I became a food blogger, the importance that food bloggers hold – and how companies and PRs can work with them for a mutually beneficial relationship, how Social Media has helped the rise of food bloggers, and also why there should be more of us in the North West of England! Why they matter, and why the North West should have more of them.

Joe McNulty – Universal theories of everything and a whole lot less

What is it to search for a theory that explains everything? How long is a piece of string? How can one express these concerns and theories without tumbling into madness? These are some of the questions I posed to myself. My failure in answering them lead me towards the beginning of an answer…”

Ella Wredenfors – Cannibalism!: The Sir John Franklin Story

In May 1845 HMS Erebus and HMS Terror set sail from England to find the fabled North-West Passage under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin. Last seen on 26 July 1845, in Lancaster Sound, the expedition was never heard from again… The mystery became a defining Victorian obsession, and is a story of racist jingoism, lonely death on the ice and cannibalism. If you liked the Shackleton exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum, you should enjoy the original story of polar expedition gone disastrously wrong.

Rosie Harris – Diagnosis Mooder

Discover the shocking truth that the media have been trying to hide. In 2008 this industry was valued at over 2 billion, but at what personal cost? A tongue-in-cheek look at cow attacks, a surprisingly common occurence, and how to keep yourself safe. Warning: this talk may include a photo of a politician.

We are still awaiting information from a couple of speakers. If you are interested attending then you can book here