Ignite Liverpool is set to launch it’s 3rd and possibly most spectacular event yet.

These are open, simple and short sessions where presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds.

This is the third Ignite Liverpool event to take place this year

The two previous Ignite Liverpool sessions were at the Arts and Design Academy back in March and and at Novas Contemporary Urbasd Centre on Greenland Street in April. You can read all about the 1st Ignite Liverpool event here http://www.ldpcreative.co.uk/2010/03/ignite-liverpool-is-showcase-f.html written by one of the speakers at the second Ignite Liverpool event http://www.ldpcreative.co.uk/2010/04/ignite-liverpool-returns-for-p.html who has a fascination with Wimpey Restaurants.

The first Ignite Liverpool event was part of Global Ignite week with hundreds of events taking place across the world. Since then Ignite Liverpool has had over 20 from Southampton and Stoke and on subjects ranging from Boobs and Brass to well Wimpey restaurants. All events are video streamed and recorded

As one ignite organiser put it

The power of these events is to bring people together for hopefully collaborative thinking and creation.
All the presentations last 5 Minutes so it’s you opportunity to become a Rockstar for Five Minutes (if you aren’t already) so here is how to get in touch email: ignite.liverpool@googlemail.com expressing an interest and they’ll get back to you

Follow Ignite Liverpool on Twitter @igniteliv or follow the hashtag #igniteliv