Ignite 40 and The People Hacker

Join us on Monday 18th November

Jenny Radcliffe: Ethical con-artist


Our upcoming event Ignite 40 will be a special ‘hacker-flavoured’ event featuring talks about – but not limited to – social engineering and cyber security.

One Ignite Liverpool alumna, Jenny Radcliffe, is back by popular demand with her talk entitled ‘Actually Security – no hoody required’.
A master of psychological hacking, Jenny began her career on the streets of Liverpool in the early 80s. At first breaking into buildings for fun and learning the laws associated with breaking and entering, before graduating to breaking into banks and even the Tower of London as a ‘professional burglar’. Knowing how to navigate such challenging situations brought positive attention from high profile companies seeking out her expertise in both negotiating skills and body language which then led to a career in finding the weak points in business’s security systems.


Warning: We may reveal more than we think


Focussing on the human element of cyber security, Jenny now gives talks and training sessions all over the world on social engineering and its effects. Being able to exploit the weakest link in the security chain and using body language to break into systems using non-technical means helps companies find what areas need to be more secure.

For more information on what this ‘burglar for hire’ is up to check out her podcast Human Factor Security

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