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We’ve teamed up with Human Factor Security to bring you a special “hacker flavoured” Ignite. On November 18th 2019 we are calling on the Information Security, Cyber and Hacker communities to come and talk about all things related to the job, the culture and the challenges.

Hackers are a diverse crowd with many different jobs and interests, and we have many things to discuss. Whether it be getting away from the menacing “black hoody” image or talking about what the job really involves. From explaining why we are not all criminals to discussing white hats, black hats and the shades of grey in between, this special edition of Ignite Liverpool asks hackers to explain what they do and how they do it, in 5 mins and 20 slides!

You can listen to our interview with Jenny from Human Factor Security HERE

Although it is a Hacker flavoured Ignite – it’s only flavoured we’re still looking for exceptional speakers to tell us about their passions, so don’t hold back if you have an idea for a talk.


So do you have burning passion you need to share?

If the answer is Yes to these questions then we want to hear from you.

Every few months we bring together inspiring speakers from in and around Liverpool to enlighten our audience at Leaf Cafe on Bold Street. And our next event is on the 18th November.

Share your passions at Ignite Volume #40

If you have a new idea or project, a product or service, then come tell the world about it.

We have had hundreds of talks designed to inspire, educate, and entertain the Liverpool community and your’s could be just one.

For Volume #40 you will need to be free in the evening of 18th November.

You could change your life forever in just five minutes


      Next Event 18th November

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