Global Ignite week starts on the 15th May and you can find out more information below about how you can join in.



Global Ignite Week 2017 is here! We were very excited as it kicked off on Monday, May 15th and heard about all the events throughout the week. As we get closer and closer to ours we wanted to share the worldwide events as they take place through their various social channels.

We missed the first two days but you can keep up with what’s coming up here.

May 17th
May 18th
May 19th


Do follow them and give them a retweet or two. Better still see if you can find the live stream and sit back for a couple of hours and good luck if there is a language barrier.

We’re using the hashtag #giw2017 to track all of the excitement, and we encourage you to use it and join the conversation!

If you are taking pictures at our event, we would love to see them so please use the hashtag, especially as following GIW, there will be a global photo montage to share GIW happening around the world. So please do take images of the venue, the audience, speakers, anything and everything about your Ignite event.

Currently, there are 20 events happening across five continents. It’s going to be a great week and. The current lineup is/was:

  • Ignite Baltimore
  • Ignite Barcelona
  • Ignite Bogota
  • Ignite Boulder
  • Ignite Budapest
  • Ignite Daharan
  • Ignite Ft Collins After Dark
  • Ignite Kyiv
  • Ignite Liverpool
  • Ignite Madrid
  • Ignite Mexico City
  • Ignite San Diego
  • Ignite San Francisco
  • Ignite Seattle
  • Ignite Sydney
  • Ignite Tunisia
  • Ignite Valencia

We hope you can catch up on on some of these especially if you can’t make it to ours.

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