A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

….. we announced recruitment for our May 4th event.


Jedi Obe Adri-an, reads the list of Padawans who have submitted their talks for the grand audience of the imperial chamber.

Read on for the full list of speakers and subjects for our 4th May event.

Speakers: Volume #25

Speaker: George Lock Talk Title It’s Gonna Blow!.

Nothing annoys me more than when I’m watching a movie, especially Sci-Fi and they whip out the “science”. It’s often over-exaggerated and wrong and it just makes the whole move ‘blow’ for me. So my talk will be giving a run through of the common mistakes I see in movies and hopefully ruin a few good movies for those in the audience.

“Deathstar I hope, talk about he does”

Speaker: Jamie Roberts Talk Title: I’m Awesome, Here’s Why…

Without giving too much away, a little of my backstory that people won’t know plus some motivational stuff, potentially some audience interaction from the emails/responses.   @jamieisboss

“I feel the dark force within this one”

Speaker: Michael Marshall Talk Title: Bad PR: how to hoax the media

With the media underfunded and under pressure, it’s never been easier to get fake stories published in the press. I’ll share my favourite examples and how to make sure stories pass the sniff test. With some Star Wars references.  @Mrmmarsh

“Ah Yes, Mr Marsh makes good point he does”

Speaker: Ben Hughes  Talk Title: FAMILY FRIENDS PREDATORS PREY

Talk is about corporate structures and surviving in them. Specifically relating to the music business. @iambenhughes

“Talk I should of Jedi Council”

Speaker: Francis Irving Talk Title: Hidden away

Once you know about it and understand it, mental illness feels like a plague that has swept the land. How did I come to realise mental illness is so dominant and so harmful? Why does it naturally hide itself? Wouldn’t we all benefit from a proper national mental health service?  @frabcus

“Luke suffered many dark days, have helped more I should”

Speaker: Brett Lempereur Talk Title: Theresa May Wants to Know What Porn You’re Watching

Two parts to the talk: the first, explaining what the IPBill means and why ICRs are worse than just your browsing history. Second, the really dumb idea I had to broadcast my own browsing in real-time. What it is, how it blew the fuck up, how the experiment has gone, and finally how to mitigate government intrusion. @brettlempereur

“Powerful has Darth Maul’s ex become”

Speaker: Jackie Le Fevre Talk Title: Vaders Values

Charting the arc of the character from fierce family loyalty rights/respect individual through the loss of hope and faith through to his ultimate return to the light @MagmaEffect

“Return to the Light he did”

Lisa Harrison Talk Title: ETHEREAL NATURE

I have an obsession for the magical side of nature, the quiet moments that can pass us by that are steeped in mystery and wonder.

“I sense a disturbance in The Force”

Matt Wilson Talk Title: Liverpool Internet Exchange

IX Liverpool and our plans for an internet Exchange in Liverpool and what it could bring to our region. @mattwilson772

“These are the droids you are looking for”

Speaker: Mark Russell Talk Title: Fighting global poverty through technology.

I would like to share an example of how property rights in third world countries disables people through access to capital and restricts their opportunities. I would like to show an insight of how the blockchain technology has the power to change this and also how this technology can change the local poverty we see everyday on our streets. @mrrussell1

“Fight, Yes – prepare for battle”

Eric Masaba Talk Title: The Transport System that Predicts Where You Will Want to Go | Statistical Arbitrage

Imagine calling for an ambulance and a hearse turns up instead! Shocking? Yes I guess. But not entirely strange. That is after all, how actuarial tables work. And it is also how the NSA and CIA choose who to kill in their drone wars. As someone who “”fit a profile”” and had some interesting escapades over the last 12 years, this use of BigData has a uniquely personal interest for me.

“Drone Wars – remember them well, I do”

Speaker: Martin Graff Talk Title: The Psychology of Romance and Romantic Attraction

• Are there gender differences in perceptions of attraction?
• What are we looking for in a potential mate?
• Online dating and can you find someone attractive online?
• Other features make us more or less attractive
This talk examines work on attraction and why attraction is important to us. It will also look at gender differences in attraction, and list the types of features that men and women find attractive.

“Padme and Anakin, enjoy they will?” 

Speaker: Mike McDaid Talk Title: “Which way to vote on the eu referendum

A totally unbiased look at how the European Union subverts democracy while costing a fortune. @mikemc17

“Wants to break up the federation he does”

Speaker: Benjamin Mummery  Talk TItle: wibbly wobbly timey wimey – Time travel in fiction and reality

Time travel is a staple trope in science fiction, but there is great variation in the “”rules”” by which it is shown to operate (often within the same works). I aim to summarise the more common mechanisms on display and compare them to our current understanding of the universe (that bit might get very slightly quantum).

“Bantha Milk, he had much of”

Speaker: Seán Gleeson  Talk TItle: Glossophobia

Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking, so it seems relatively apt. I’m hoping to be able to encourage people to overcome their fears so that we have more Ignite speakers in the future. @spacemonkeylufc

“Glossophobia, dark force was strong in him”

Speaker: Tom Williamson Talk Title: Why the Star Wars prequels are awful

“Turn away from the Darkside, Tom”


Far Far away at the end of the evening we will be having a special Stars Wars Karaoke Ignite being lovingly prepared by Bolster.

Associated Star Wars dress is optional for the evening but please no Star Trek outfits – that would just be wrong.

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Doors Open at 6pm and talks start at 7pm and we normally wrap up by 10pm as it’s a work night.

The Venue

Mos Eisley Catina is based inside Leaf Cafe on Bold Street near the middle of the top half of Bold Street, around the corner from the rebel base. They have food and drink available for you don’t have to dash home for your grainmush.

Getting there

It is best served by the 86, 80 and 82 at the top of Bold Street.
Central station is only 5 minutes away at the bottom of Bold Street.
Parking is allowed on Bold Street after 6pm and there is usually plenty of spaces. Other parking is available on Duke Street and Mount Pleasant which both have carparks and again are only 5 minutes away on foot.
There are some very handy places to lock your bike on Bold Street in the Square that leads to FACT cinema.
Millennium Falcon
The Sol system is located in the upper arm of the Milky way star system. Galactic coordinates 0 degrees 0 minutes. Third planet from the Sun. Parking is available on the roof


Pitch and Put at the Break

Don’t forget if you have a project that you want to talk about then at the end of the break we have our Pitches section –which gives audience members the opportunity 1 minute to jump up on stage and tell the rest of the world (especially those watching at home) about a great project, event or maybe even just about something they are proud of. We make an announcement about this during the break so listen out.

See you there and may the force be with you.

Can you tell a good story?

Ignite only happens because of people who are willing to get up and share their passions, be it for a project, an idea or just something they have to tell the world.