The Lockdown Special

We hope you are all well and managing to cope with home schooling, social isolation, home working, furloughing and just general day to day living.

Clearly, we can’t hold our normal Ignite that we had planned for Leaf Café on the 27th May, as we may all still be in under lockdown rules.  Hence, we are looking to run a purely online version on the same night, where we’ll be using Zoom for corralling our speakers and you, the audience.

This will be as close the real experience as we can manage but at the same time, we will be making some changes just so we can ensure that this works best for everyone.

We will shortly be calling for speakers to take part. Just so we can take out some of the risk elements in this we’ll be asking people to submit their presentation to us and also a video of them presenting it. (Yes, you will have to record a video of you presenting from your bathroom or back Garden.) We’ll be getting you to upload it to Youtube, you can keep it unlisted and just send a link, that way we’ll be able to download it to share via the zoom or some such like.  We are trying to keep it is simple as possible and we’re hoping this way we are.

You should only submit your name if you can submit your presentation to us well in advance  – 20th May.  

We’ll be back soon with more information.

      Next Event 27th May

What do you have to lose?


STEP 1 – Watch this video

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Step 3 – Sit back and wait for us to contact you

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